Shapes and sizes

Thanks to the relatively simple manufacturing technology of porous aluminium, we realize products of almost any shape and size according to customer requirements.

For manufacturing of porous aluminium products there is no need to use expensive pressure moulds as for sintering technology. In our case casting is done in conventional steel or cast-iron mould, which are available on our production factory in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. After casting of aluminium with salt in a mould and after blank cooling, a machining will be performed on lathe, milling machine, bandsaw or CNC machine. Thus this technology allows us to offer you products of any complexity according to your request.

Washing out of salt out will be performed after machining, therefore all pores of the product have guaranteed an open structure and the product remains completely permeable. You may perform an additional machining of porous aluminium by yourself. Please consider, that in this case pores can go partly closed / smeared up. For more information do not hesitate to contact us, we are fully at your disposal and look forward to hearing from you.

We supply plates, blocks, cylinders and complex form products according to customer requirements. Every product will be developed individually, in close collaboration with the customer; this allows us to offer you an optimal solution for your project. Please inform us about your needs and requirements, we are happy to consult you and draw up the optimum solution together with you.

All products will be manufactured on customer order. Thoughtful production technique of porous aluminium enables to offer prototypes / single parts / small quantities to attractive prices. To ensure quick supply of samples, made of porous aluminium, which you could apply for first acquaintance with the material, we offer you plates 90 x 165 x 6 mm in six standard pore sizes from our stock in Switzerland. These plates can be delivered within a couple of days within Europe.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Product samples:

aluminium-porous-sintered-metal-foam-cylinders-plates-blocks aluminium-porous-sintered-metal-foam-cylinders-plates-blocks aluminium-porous-lightweight-metal-sintering-sintered-metal-foam-cellular-metals-metalfoam-panels-sandwich-components-plates-discs-manufacturer-europe