Fluidization, fluidized bed

cellular metallic materials. porous metal, porous aluminium

In order to mix, convey, dry or cool powdery materials, etc., bulk materials are brought into a liquid-like state by fluidization – air is passed through them.
Powdery fines can be in the fluidized bed state (also called fluidized bed) when particles are in a suspended state under the influence of rising gas flows (usually compressed air). Gravity and pressure from air jets affect the particles. To ensure that the particles do not fall, certain air velocities are required, which depend on the size and mass of the fine particles.
Perforated or porous materials are used to create a fluidized bed. Such materials create many small streams of air over the entire surface on which the powder material lies.

In this state, the properties of the air-powder mixture are similar to those of a liquid; among other things, it can “flow” at a small inclination. This property is often used in pneumatic transport systems to move powdery materials. The movement can also be organized by periodically fluidizing the powder in the transport channel. In this case, porous areas forming a fluidized bed are used at certain intervals. At the same time, an air flow is generated along the entire channel to move the floating particles. The flows and position of the porous sections are calculated so that the powder begins to settle in the zone of the next porous area and is lifted off again in radial flows through the porous surface.

Porous aluminum products are well suited as fluidized beds for use in fluidization fluidized bed systems.

Advantages of porous aluminum for fluidization:

  • high porosity (55-65%)
  • uniform distribution of pores over the surface
  • adjustable pore size
  • possibility of producing surfaces with complex shapes

Porous aluminium is a permeable material with an even pore distribution. The smooth (flat) surface allows an even distribution of the air volume and thus an absolutely even loosening of the bulk material.

Products with pore sizes from 0.2 mm to 4.0 mm are manufactured according to your requirements.

Inseparable, cast connection of porous and non-porous parts allows easy installation of porous aluminium parts in fluidization fluidized bed systems. Thanks to their cast structure, our products are very stable and resistant to continuous loads, pressure peaks, shock, cyclic and vibration loads.

Easy cleaning by backwashing, ultrasound or mechanical and chemical cleaning.

Product examples

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