For weapon silencers

cellular metallic materials

Porous aluminium is a completely permeable metal that is ideal for the production of weapon silencers.

A strong and sharp sound of the shot is produced by the rapid expansion of the hot gases formed when the gunpowder is burnt. Reducing the speed and temperature of these gases leads to a reduction in shooting noise. In conventional silencers, special chambers are used in which gases reduce their velocity and temperature. The gases then leave the silencer without making any loud noises.

Flow of liquid or gas into the pores of porous aluminumPorous aluminum is an optimal material for weapon silencers. This material consists of 55-65% of cells connected to each other. Porous aluminium is permeable to gases in all directions. The special shape and structure of the pores give a long contact time between the gas and the porous aluminium matrix. Gas flows follow complex paths with vortices. The combination of different pore sizes makes it possible to control the gas movement very precisely. In addition, products made of porous aluminium can be manufactured in any shape, no matter how complex.

Porous aluminium has a high internal surface area. The turbulence of the gas flow and throttling of the gas flow velocity occurs when the gases flow through the porous structure.

Aluminium is a very good heat conductor metal and thus ensures rapid cooling of the gases.

Thanks to a volume porosity of approx. 55-65%, porous aluminium has a low weight, but at the same time also a high strength thanks to its cast structure.

An additional advantage of porous aluminium for weapon silencers is that it is possible to cast porous and non-porous parts together in one piece.

Porous aluminium for weapon silencers – perfect combination of insulation performance, weight and robustness.

Product examples

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