Niobium-Titanium and Niobium-Tin Superconductors

We are pleased to offer you superconductor products from Chepetsky Mechanical Plant (CMP).

As part of the ITER project (International Thermonuclear Power Reactor), CMP has created the industrial production of superconducting materials.
CMP has supplied 225 tonnes of niobium-titanium alloy (125 tonnes) and niobium-tin alloy (100 tonnes) superconducting wires for ITER with diameters of 0.73 and 0.82 mm and a total length of 56,000 km.
Production capacities enable the production of superconducting materials for use in other products and industries, such as NMR tomographs, magnetic trains, energy storage devices, magnetic separators, nuclear magnetic scanners, geological surveys, mineral mining and processing, high field pulse magnets, telecommunications systems and others.

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