We are pleased to be able to offer you high-quality calcium products: Calcium and pure calcium cored wire

  • One of the world’s largest calcium producers.
  • Calcium production since 1949
  • High purity calcium, electrolytic manufacturing process
  • The main customers are iron and non-ferrous metallurgy, the oil and gas industry and the chemical industry.
  • Product types: bars, lumps, granulates, powder, cored wire

High-quality cored wire made of pure calcium

Pure calcium wire with steel coating for steel treatment

  • up to 5-fold reduction of the injected calcium quantities and thus significant reduction of the costs for the calcium treatment
  • Production of clean steels and prevention of clogging during casting
  • Reduction of splashes and foam formation
  • Reduction of total costs

Calcium cored wire in various dimensions


Chemical composition in % by weight


Calcium obtained by an electrolytic manufacturing process is completely free of aluminium.

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