Porous plates and blocks

We produce and supply porous plates and blocks of porous aluminium in various dimensions according to customer specifications. The maximum possible thickness of the product depends on the pore size you choose. Porous aluminium is obtained by casting liquid aluminium together with crystal salt and subsequent salt washing. The larger the pores, i.e. the larger the salt grains, the easier it is to wash out the salt and the greater the thickness a block of porous aluminium can have.

The table below shows the maximum dimensions of the blocks we produce. These limitations of maximum length and maximum width are subject to the available moulds – chills. Please note that it is also possible to produce porous plates and blocks of greater length and width than shown in the table.


We have developed seven standard types of porous aluminium with pore sizes from 0.20 mm to 4.00 mm. On the page “Properties of porous aluminium” you will find a detailed overview of the material properties, determined for each material type.

We are pleased about your interest in our products and are at your disposal for all questions and suggestions. We will be happy to advise you in detail about the possibilities of porous aluminium and listen to you carefully in order to understand your individual task and your conditions and then work out the best solution together with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Maximum plate dimensions (wall thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm)

Maximum-dimensions-of-the-panel-wall-thickness-tolerance -0_1-mm

Maximum plate dimensions (wall thickness tolerance ±0.3 mm)


Product examples

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