Lightweight material

cellular metallic materials. porous metal, porous aluminium

Semi-finished products made of aluminium foam such as sandwiches are ideal for lightweight constructions. Porous aluminium is lightweight material with porosity 55-65% and density 1.2-1.0 g/cm3.

Due to its cellular structure, porous aluminium is very light, has good vibration damping, high energy absorption capacity and is very rigid. The properties of porous aluminium depend very much on the size of the pores. We use 7 different salt fractions to obtain porous material with very different properties. This allows us to produce the optimal product for each customer.

Energy- and resource-efficient construction have played an important role in recent years. this trend will become even stronger in the future. Porous aluminium as a lightweight construction material is more expensive than conventional materials such as concrete and structural steel, but the savings result from a holistic view of costs over the lifetime of a building.

Porous blocks, plates, sheets, discs and products in other forms made of porous aluminium are produced by machining the blank.

Finished plates made of porous aluminium can optionally be machined as conventional aluminium, taking into account the adapted machining conditions.

Product examples

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