We are pleased to offer you high quality zirconium products.

  • Zirconium production since 1958
  • Production of 15 zirconium alloys, mainly for the nuclear industry
  • One of the world’s largest producers of zirconium with nuclear purity (low content of impurities and hafnium)
  • 18% of global zirconium production
  • Complete production cycle from processing of zirconium concentrate to production of final products
  • Products: bars, rod, tube, wire, sheet metal, powder

Main steps of zirconium production

  • Production of sponge from ore concentrate
  • Charge and pressing in electrodes for vacuum arc remelting (VAR) process
  • Production of ingots by VAR; single, double or triple remelting
  • hot forging
  • hot extrusion
  • cold rolling
  • radial forging
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