Complex forms

forms_permeable_metal_porous_high_strengthThe innovative and relatively simple manufacturing technology of porous aluminium makes it possible to obtain products of any complexity, form and dimensions according to customer requirements. For production of porous aluminium we cast liquid aluminium together with granulated salt in a conventional rectangular or cylindrical mould. After blank cooling the material will be machined on a mill or turning center or on a CNC machine, depending on complexity of the product. By using modern machining equipment from a rectangular or cylindrical blank we easily obtain products of any complexity and geometry and in high quality. This simple approach allows us to turn your most unbelievable ideas into reality.

porous_aluminium_sintered_metal_metal_foam_any_shape_size_customizedThe uniqueness of this technology is, inter alia, the ability to offer our clients not only batch production but also prototypes / single pieces to attractive prices. For manufacturing of porous aluminium items it is not required to apply any particular / costly equipment, as for example pressure moulds, which are needed for production of sintered products. Thus you may easily obtain prototypes made of porous aluminium, test them and, if required, modify, adjust, refine and test the new model till achieving the perfect result.

The technology of porous aluminium allows to vary the material properties by selection of an individual salt combination. For each new project together with you we gladly determine your individual requirements not only concerning shape and form, but also concerning expected material characteristics. Please let us know your specific needs, we will be happy to implement your requirements.

Product samples:

metal-foam-Vacuum-forming-thermoforming-vacuum-forms-expandable-polystyrene-polypropylene-EPP-EPS sintered-aluminum-manufacturers-Powdered-Metal-Parts-sintered-metal-manufacturing-technology sintered-aluminum-manufacturers-Powdered-Metal-Parts-sintered-metal-manufacturing-technology