porous aluminium products, open cell permeable metal with pore sizes from 0,1 to 3,0 mmPorous aluminium is being widely applied for many industrial applications thanks to the unique combination of material properties.

Porous aluminium has a high level of volume porosity (cells ratio in the entire volume) of about 55% and homogeneous pores distribution, all pores / cells are open and the material is complete permeable. Thus, porous aluminium with small pore sizes is applied for vacuum generation in form of vacuum tables / vacuum plates. It is possible to manufacture products of porous aluminium in any shape, thus vacuum forms or press-forms with complex shapes are applied for thermoforming process / production of foam products from expanded polystyrene (EPS), polypropylene (EPP), etc.

Porous aluminium has a high specific surface area and is completely permeable. These properties combination make porous aluminium very attractive for the manufacturing of new generation of heat exchangers.

Thanks to the open cell structure and high specific surface area, porous aluminium is a very good noice silencing material. Pneumatic silencers / mufflers can be easily manufactured according to your individual needs and requirements. Silencers made of porous aluminium – an alternative to silencers made of sintered metals. Our silencers have extra strong cast interface between porous and non-porous parts and reduce the noise of pneumatic devices significantly.

Our products are also used as suppressors – not only thanks to the high volume porosity and open cell structure, but also because our products are made of cast aluminium, which has a good thermal conductivity, this gives additional advantages for noise reduction in comparison to steel suppressors.

Filter and filter elements made of porous aluminium have higher volume porosity than sintered filet elements. Thus our products have higher dirt holding capacity. We can manufacture any shape and size according to your needs.

Porous aluminium is used for many different application. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly consult you and find an optimal solution for your individual needs.

Product samples:

aluminium-foam-metalfoam-vacuum-forms-press-forms-heat-exchangers-Pneumatic-silencers-mufflers-suppressors-filter-elements-sintered-bronze aluminium-foam-metalfoam-vacuum-forms-press-forms-heat-exchangers-Pneumatic-silencers-mufflers-suppressors-filter-elements-sintered-bronze aluminium-foam-metalfoam-vacuum-forms-press-forms-heat-exchangers-Pneumatic-silencers-mufflers-suppressors-filter-elements-sintered-bronze