Heat exchangers

porous_aluminium_heat_exchangerPorous aluminium is an ideal material for being used as heat exchanger.

Aluminium has good thermal conductivity and is the predominant material for heat transfer purposes. Because of the large internal surface area, porous aluminium has an even higher heat exchange capacity than conventionally fabricated aluminium.

Other porous materials such as sintered metals also have a high internal surface area. However, it is not yet possible to produce aluminium products with high volume porosity and sufficient strength by means of sintering technology. A further advantage of porous aluminium is the cast structure which also fosters the thermal conductivity. Sintered metals also reveal thermal resistance at contact points between grains.

heat_exchangers_porous_metal_permeable_sintered_foamThe thermal conductivity of porous aluminium has been tested at the Technical University of Freiberg. Depending on the pore size, the thermal conductivity of porous aluminium lies in the range 30 – 50 W/(m*K). Products made of porous aluminium are thus very well suited for being used as heat transfer elements.
Due to the high volume porosity, i.e. to the large inner surface, they are also suitable for being used as heat exchanger in the convective heat transfer. As water or other liquids, air or gas flow through the porous aluminium, it absorbs the temperature due to the large internal surface. This temperature can be transmitted to a solid body or fluid.

Porous aluminium is also excellent for cooling purposes. As the object to be cooled is attached directly to the porous aluminium, the heat is dissipated to the outside, if required with additional ventilation, by means of the large internal surface.
Products can be produced according to your needs in different shapes and sizes.

Product samples:

aluminium-foam-heat-exchanger-innovative-compact-heat-exchangers-heat-transfer-material-high-internal-surface-area-Specific-surface-area-high-thermal-conductivity-metals aluminium-foam-heat-exchanger-innovative-compact-heat-exchangers-heat-transfer-material-high-internal-surface-area-Specific-surface-area-high-thermal-conductivity-metals aluminium-foam-heat-exchanger-innovative-compact-heat-exchangers-heat-transfer-material-high-internal-surface-area-Specific-surface-area-high-thermal-conductivity-metals